The Doo Dah has been Done – Conga!

HOH Lives Matter


ADA is represented!

The Doo Dah Parade was this past Sunday, November 22, and although under-represented, the HOH’ers did our best to show up and CONGA!!!

The ADA dancers Conga’d our way across Pasadena (actually just a few block of Pasadena, then doubled back and did it again). We received much adulation in the form of tortillas flung at us.

Wait for it ……. wait for it…. here IT is !!!! Video of the Doo Dah Parade”s ADA Conga line (and some other people) ..   If you watch carefully (and have really good magnification) you can see the “HEARING LOS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA” sign on my back, and the “LOS ANGELES CHAPTER” sign on my bum.

We had THREE wheelchairs and were joined by a fourth wheelchair from the crowd en route –There was only one of us HOH’ers represented at the parade (no wonder they get ramps and we get nothing)

Also on my part — my bum hurts!! It is no joke to Conga continuously for the whole parade — it’s not a walk in the park.

My home made HLAA-LA T shirt — printed on self adhesive shipping labels and stuck on my shirt — by the way — my shirt got us a new member.