Code of Conduct

This group is for members and friends of the Hearing Loss Association of America – Los Angeles area Chapter (HLAA-LA). We are a chapter of the national support organization Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).

We strive to apply the mission statement of HLAA and affiliates, which is to provide support, education, information and advocacy for those with hearing loss, their families and associates.

This group gives us a space to meet the mission statement, to share our stories, and provide updates about chapter events and anything related to hearing loss.

We ask that group members abide by the HLAA Code of Conduct.

  • Be personally accountable for your behavior in person, in writing, verbally and online.
  • Adhere to all standards of accepted professional conduct and good business practices.
  • HLAA condemns hate speech, epithets and other words meant to hurt and inflict physical or emotional harm to others.

We foster a community that is welcome to all. Please refrain from discussions of politics or religion here.

In addition, our chapter’s social media outlets are not the vehicles for free advertising and publicity for business or personal use.

We reserve the right to remove any members who do not follow these guidelines.
(effective July 15, 2018)