Spring Fling Party Connects Guests from Across SoCal

Group picture of everyone at the spring fling party

A wonderful Spring Fling turnout!

By Teri Breier

On a gorgeous spring Sunday with near-perfect weather, HLAA–Los Angeles held its largest in-person gathering in three years on March 26. The “Spring Fling” garden party, hosted by HLAA-CA Webmaster and past-chapter president Heather Lehr at her beautiful San Marino home, was attended by nearly 30 people with and without hearing loss—and not a mask in sight.

Guests included LA chapter members and their families, as well as attendees from southern California chapters like Long Beach/Lakewood, Orange County and Mission Viejo, as well as several brand-new attendees at their very first HLAA event. There were many others who couldn’t make it that were missed.

Groups shot of people at the spring fling party

Having a great time catching up.

One long-time HLAA participant joked that it felt like a high school reunion, since COVID-19 had kept everyone apart for so long! Newcomer Laurie Levin shared, “My first HLAA-LA post-pandemic gathering felt like a new beginning. It was so liberating and informative to share an afternoon in the company of those who truly and deeply understand the challenges and rewards of hearing loss.”

Props to HLAA–LA president Wendi Washington, who went above and beyond coordinating the delicious buffet luncheon and an engaging, interactive Raffle Quiz with a variety of gift cards as prizes that were appreciated by all the winners. Thanks to Alicia Fernandez for checking everyone in, chapter VP/HLAA-CA director Tim Browning for keeping it all running smoothly, and Heather for handing out her refreshing sangrias!

Other HLAA leaders at the Spring Fling included Jeffrey Chess, treasurer of both the HLAA-CA State Association and Mission Viejo chapter, and two more past HLAA-LA presidents, Jen Nelson and Malik B. El-Amin (the latter of whom will be featured in an upcoming Hearing Life magazine article, along with yet another former LA chapter president, Lisa Yuan, who now lives in Washington, DC).

By the end, after four hours of socializing, enjoying the wonderful food and playing games like horseshoes and ping-pong, every single guest left with a smile on their face, already looking forward to the next event—whether the Long Beach Walk4Hearing, the HLAA 2023 Convention in New Orleans, or another fabulous chapter social gathering!