Scenes from our Garage Sale!

Note from Alicia

Hi Friends!

Hope you can all scroll through our photos. Sorry I did not get everyone, but it was definitely a group effort! We had a blast. We also came back with the same amount of stuff as we dropped off. We shopped till we dropped! Full car. Good taste people who donated.

Thanks again Ram and Sharmila! Wonderful job everyone.

From Lisa

I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who contributed to our garage sale today. First and foremost, Ram and his lovely wife Sharmila, for hosting us…and then, to all the dedicated volunteers who showed up today – Pat, Tim, Ken, Kat, Marcia, Mike and Alicia (and Sam!), Mitzi, Michael, and Judy (who put up beautiful signs all around the neighborhood). Many of you were there at the break of dawn and stayed all day. It was also great to see Dan, Heather and Janis. If I forgot to mention anyone, I deeply apologize! And of course, big thanks to all of you who donated items. I’m so happy to report that we made around $800!

Today was one of those times when I felt so proud to be a part of this group. The dedication and hard work of our volunteers was truly amazing. The result was that we had a lot of fun, while raising much-needed funds for the chapter!