Remembering Grace

Grace celebrating her 100th birthday!

Grace celebrating her 100th birthday!

The hearing loss community and our chapter lost an icon when our beloved Grace Tiessen passed away at 11am on March 23. She passed away calmly and quietly in her home of 62 years. This was her wish, no ER, no nursing homes, just at home with her children watching over her.

Grace had a storied life full of many experiences, including going back to school at age 51, graduating from UC Berkeley in 1940 at a time when women graduating college was very rare, and joining HLAA in 1984 after asking herself the question, “What does it mean to be hard of hearing in the hearing world?”.

Grace is the epitome of a Renaissance Woman.  She has traveled down many different paths in her life, and has attained so much knowledge, wisdom and experience in so many facets of her family life and numerous careers, that it would take forever to list all of her accomplishments.  Fortunately, we can refer you to the following links on the HLAA California website that highlights her life.

Recognizing Grace Tiessen

The Amazing Grace Tiessen: A Personal Journey of Growth and Courage

Here’s a video sharing some key moments during her wonderful life!

Grace will never be forgotten for her legacy and spirit lives within all of us in the hearing loss world. It’s time for us to continue what Grace started.