November Meeting Recap

Some of our members enjoying catching up

On Saturday, November 3, HLAA–Los Angeles held a dynamic, interactive meeting that included our annual discussion topic, “Coping With The Holidays with Hearing Loss,” followed by an abundant Thanksgiving potluck with many sweet and savory treats. We shared our holiday frustrations and coping strategies, then got down to the serious business of eating all that food!

(Meeting transcript can be found here.)

The Gratitude theme continued with the presentation of a $250 donation by our leadership to a representative of the Friends of the Sherman Oaks Library in appreciation for allowing us to meet at their facility for no charge.

Since this was our first “official” meeting at the library since elections in September, we took time to congratulate the chapter’s new president, Jenna Nelson, re-elected and now serving as vice president Tim Browning and secretary and social media chair Diane Gross, and welcomed new Steering Committee members Sharon Swerdlow and Sandy Blake. We also thanked the outgoing president Heather Lehr and membership/outreach chair Teri Breier, who are both stepping back for now, but still intend to be very involved! Gary Jacobson will remain as treasurer in a non-voting role. Many thanks to you all for your service!

There were about 25 attendees, including two first-timers who introduced themselves and were delighted to have found this group. Everyone was encouraged to join our Facebook Group to stay connected and get updates between meetings. We will also be launching a new monthly e-newsletter with important announcements and more in December/January.

Stay tuned for details on our Holiday Party at Grace Tiessen’s gorgeous home in Pasadena on December 8th, which will be catered by the chapter.