New Tinnitus Developments Presentation Recap

Exploring the Latest in Tinnitus Therapy: Insights from Dr. Cohen’s Engaging Session held on November 18, 2023

by Rizwana Jmari

The HLAA-LA community had the distinct opportunity to engage with Dr. Sharzad Cohen, a revered audiology expert, particularly in tinnitus. As a familiar and respected figure in our chapter, Dr. Cohen’s online presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the latest updates and advances in tinnitus therapy.

(You can view the presentation at the bottom of this article)

SharDr. Cohen detailed her professional journey with her deep-rooted experience and passion for audiology, highlighting her affiliations with prestigious organizations like the American Academy of Audiology and the American Tinnitus Association. Her extensive experience in the field, especially in managing tinnitus, added a rich context to her presentation.

In discussing tinnitus, Dr. Cohen emphasized the complexity of this condition, underlining the necessity for individualized treatment approaches, as each patient’s experience with tinnitus is unique. She outlined the treatment methodologies in two broad categories: those aimed at reducing the intensity of tinnitus and those focused on alleviating the annoyance associated with it. This includes a range of psychological treatments, advanced technological instruments, and acoustic options.

Dr. Cohen highlighted the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in managing tinnitus, alongside Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) and other behavior modification therapies. Regarding technological advancements, she brought attention to groundbreaking devices like the neuromodulation devices, notably Neuromod’s Lenire, and the bone conduction device DoRIT Tenerity G1. These innovations significantly stride in tinnitus management, offering hope for more effective treatment outcomes.

Moreover, Dr. Cohen touched upon alternative therapies such as cranial sacral therapy, biofeedback, and TMJ management, underscoring their potential to complement traditional tinnitus treatments for enhanced results.

Concluding her session, Dr. Cohen encouraged participants to actively spread awareness and support for initiatives like the American Tinnitus Association’s advisor program. This program is crucial in supporting individuals grappling with tinnitus, showcasing the community’s commitment to aiding those in need.

Dr. Cohen’s session was informative and a source of hope for many grappling with tinnitus. Her detailed overview, enriched with personal and professional insights, gave attendees a more profound understanding and new perspectives on managing this challenging condition.

The full video of Dr. Cohen’s insightful presentation is available below for those who couldn’t attend the session or wish to revisit its contents. For further information or assistance, please get in touch with Dr. Cohen’s office via her website or our chapter directly.

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