Memorial Party Fun

Sandy, Lisa Beth, and Blanca enjoying their time.

Sandy, Lisa Beth, and Blanca enjoying the party.

Despite poor weather and illnesses, we had a nice turnout and a great time at our annual Memorial party held graciously at Sandy’s home. I guess you could say that no matter what the weather may look like, we still know how to party!

It’s always wonderful and great to meet and catch up with fellow chapter members during our chapter meetings, but time is often short leaving us wishing we could have had more time to connect. That is what makes these social occasions so much fun and rewarding as there is plenty of time to learn more about each other as we face the challenges of hearing loss together.

There was plenty of calories and good food to enjoy. The chapter brought a few main dishes while others shared various food items. Many individuals commented that we should try for more social outings, even if just a small group of folks so we’ll look into that in the coming months.

For now, it was a great time. If you couldn’t join us this time around, don’t worry. There will be plenty of more chances to come! Have a safe and memorable summer ahead and don’t forget our next chapter meeting will be onĀ Saturday, June 22. More details to come very soon.