June 23 Meeting Summary

Every meeting is always a great time!

Every meeting is always a great time!

We were a small but chatty group for Saturday’s rap session.  This session covered travel, technology, fundraising, movie & TV captions, how HLAA has helped – and more. We agreed that any one of these topics would be good to cover as a future meeting topic.

Click here for the meeting transcript.

Thanks to

*Jenny, Roz and Vivian for attending their first meeting with us.

*Florence and Sandy for their contributions to the discussion

*Gary B, Gary J, Malik and the librarian, plus Patty, our substitute captioner,  for getting the loop and caption equipment set up and running well.

*Pete, for finding the new location.

*Masai, for helping to set up the welcome table.

For chapter business, we started a sign-up sheet for the July 4th party and mentioned the July 28 chapter meeting, which will feature stories shared by chapter members who attended the National convention last week.