HLAA-LA is Turning 15 – Come and Celebrate!

HLAA-LA is turning 15!

Celebrating 15 years!Come help us celebrate on Saturday November 2nd as we look back at the history and accomplishments of our chapter over the past decade and a half.

It takes a village to establish and maintain an active functioning group, and we have many people to thank, both those who started and those who have contributed to maintaining our chapter. A special shout out to pioneers Valerie and Willy Stern, Danny Tubbs, Katherine Burns, Alicia Fernandez, Mike Kaplan, and Grace Tiessen for brainstorming the creation of the chapter and securing a meeting location at the Hear Center in Pasadena.

Many thanks to hard workings past presidents Valerie Stern, Pat Widman, Katherine Burns, Malik B. El-Amin, Lisa Yuan, Heather Lehr and Jen Nelson for your devotion and service to the group. Kudos also to the many steering committee members who have taken on tasks large and small to ensure that we have interesting and relevant programming, a working loop at our meetings (Tim Browning – we couldn’t function without you!), Walk4Hearing team captains (Wendi Wash – you did an amazing job raising funds and cheering on the L.A. Stars this year), advocacy activists (thank you Georgia Fleischer for enabling us to go to the Hollywood Bowl and other venues and enjoy the programming with open captions!), and many others who have contributed in ways large and small. And let’s not forget about Gary Jacobson who handles the chapter’s finances and ensures we are financially sound!

At our meeting, we will be hearing from some of our founders and “old-timers” as we celebrate with delicious cake and other treats, games, prizes and even a raffle!

We will also be sharing tips for coping with the upcoming holidays and the inevitable stressors and difficulties associated with large (and noisy!) gatherings.

So PLEASE, make sure to SAVE THE DATE!