HLAA-LA Chapter July 2018 Meeting Recap

Rehabilitation - What should you be doing? as shared by Heather.

Rehabilitation – What should you be doing? as shared by Heather.

Recapping the National Convention from Minneapolis ~

Meeting transcript can be found here.

HLAA-LA was one of the largest groups in attendance.

At the awards ceremony, Lisa Yuan received the Spirit of HLAA, a top honor. Tim Browning accepted for the best chapter website (and was asked to make websites for other chapters!)

Today’s meeting covered a taste of information gathered at workshops.


  • Discussed a presentation on auditory training, outlining daily steps that can be taken to improve speech perception.
  • Talked about The Disability Rights Bar Association, http://disabilityrights-law.org, which provides free legal services and letter templates regarding accommodations. Click here for the presentation.


  • Attended all healthcare related workshops and discussed the need for putting together a plan to show business-oriented hospitals that providing accommodations to patients with hearing loss can improve their bottom line.
  • Went over things patients with hearing loss can do to help themselves. One is to fill out the Communications Access Plan form and make sure the information is added to your medical chart. https://www.hearingloss.org/wp-content/uploads/Communication_Access_PlanCAP.pdf
  • Med-El has produced a questionnaire that can serve as a guide to measuring the quality of sound perception. https://s3.medel.com/pdf/US/bridge/23015.pdf


  • Attended sessions related to technology, covering the wireless industry, text-to-911, the Jacoti app, https://www.jacoti.com/listenapp/and more. Click here for the presentation.
  • The research symposium covered some current studies that are looking into resolving sound intake issues; and how the sound processes of frogs and crickets could have an impact on hearing loss. More to come later.


  • Concentrated on sessions devoted to preserving hearing, and how health issues can affect hearing loss. Click here for the presentation.
  • Attended sessions about mobile apps that can assist hearing loss. Audiologist Tina Childress talks about apps on her blog. Stay tuned for further information from the session to be added to the website.
Chapter Business

WOW awards were given to Malik, for jumping in to assist with the June meeting, and Diane, for organizing the Walk4Hearing.

A committee was formed to establish scholarships for high school students with hearing loss who are heading to college.  Heather will chair the committee, with Gary, Sharon and Michael as members.

Jennifer brought up the Starbucks store in DC that will be focused on employees who know ASL. Discussed the need to work with Starbucks to make accommodations for all types of hearing loss.

Plans for the rest of 2018 include 

August 25 meeting – Advanced Bionics presentation

September 14-15 – call for CAA conference volunteers

September 22 meeting – Toni Barrient presentation; Steering Committee elections

October – Social outing TBD

November 3 meeting – Coping With the Holidays

December – Holiday Party at Grace’s house; date TBD

Thank you Felicia and Jane for providing CART.