HLAA Convention 2017 – Farewell!

Our gang visiting the Mormon Tabernacle

It’s the farewell day but not before getting a chance to witness the live weekly performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The performance is every Sunday from 9:30am-10am Mountain time for the last 87 going on 88 years!

(our very own Tim Browning chronicles his continuing journey at the HLAA 2017 Convention. Here’s his recap of our Convention farewell.)

It was an educational and memorable Convention and I have to personally say, I enjoyed Salt Lake City very much. I also enjoyed the Hotel’s nice king size bed and pancakes every morning so there’s really no way the trip could go wrong!

There was a lot of information to consume and learn so ending the trip with a visit to witness the Mormon Tabernacle was a good way for me to wind down and provide a memorable way to end my journey.

Full view of the choir and orchestra

The Mormon Tabernacle choir actually formed in 1847 and has grown to support a choir consisting of 360 volunteers and 200 more volunteers for the orchestra. The orchestra actually didn’t accompany the choir until 1999. Performances are held at the Conference Center during the summer and December to support audiences up to 21,000 people!

The Spoken Word is the broadcast watched throughout the world and the program stands as the longest running continuous network broadcast in America.

To learn more, you can visit their website.

After the performance, it’s time to plan our journeys home and say our goodbyes. It will be ages before we see each other again – more like next week at Danny and Kat’s July 4th party but you get the point…! But anyway, it was a rewarding experience and hopefully many of you reading this will look forward and plan for the next convention scheduled for Minneapolis in June 2018. See you there!

P.S. – Kat and Lisa did a Salt Lake tour together later in the day. I’m sure they will be glad to share their story if you visit them! You’ll see some pictures in the gallery below.