Fun in the Sun July 4th Party!

(From Tim, our Web Dude)

We had a great turnout for our annual HLAA-LA July 4th party. Good friends, plenty of food, nice weather, a pool and a big California Oak all to make the fun in the sun a day to remember! The turnout was great, great enough that I didn’t have a chance to meet everyone. I can especially attest to this after looking at the photo gallery below and seeing so many folks I missed!

This chapter has always pride itself on being multi-generational, supportive of the hearing challenges imprinted on each of us and knowing how to have a great time! We especially want to thank Kat and Danny for sharing their home, backyard, pool, grilling the food and tables and chairs. Basically, this could have been the Kat and Danny July 4 party!

For those of you who couldn’t make it, more burgers and hot dogs for us! Seriously, you were missed and will now be ridiculed for not attending until you make our next gathering…

Speaking of gathering, our next chapter meeting will be later this month on July 28 so mark your calendars. A lot will be covered in the meeting, including recapping the fabulous 2018 HLAA national convention! We’ll post more coverage on the convention soon.

Stay cool!