February Meeting Recap – Relationships!

Our relationships panel from left to right: Teri, Sandy (moderator), Sharon, Jonathan, Wendi, and Chad.

Our relationships panel from left to right: Teri, Sandy (moderator), Sharon, Jonathan, Wendi, and Chad.

We had an awesome February meeting filled with sharing our stories and struggles with the daily challenges of hearing loss as it relates to our lives and those we love. We had a an outstanding relationships panels of all flavors including the dating world as a single woman, husband and wife, and mother and son.

Meeting transcript can be viewed here.

Every relationship style has its own unique set of challenges. When you are dating, how and when do you finally share your hearing loss? As a hearing son of a hard of hearing mother, how does that impact you in terms of how to better help her in difficult hearing situations? What frustrations as a hearing husband do you experience and learn from with your hard of hearing wife?

Ongoing discussions with the audience.

Ongoing discussions with the audience.

These and many more stories were shared with unexpected emotional experiences which just goes to show, you may feel like you are handling your hearing loss well, but when you dig deeper, it’s discussions like this from people who care and get it with the LA Chapter that can really help build stronger bonds and relationships. A special thank you to our very own Sandy Blake for doing an amazing job moderating our discussions and allowing everyone to feel welcomed, heard, and supported!


Wendi sharing her personal story.

Other highlights from the meeting included announcing our very own Wendi as the Walk4Hearing Captain for our LA Stars team. The walk is our primary source of fundraising for the chapter which allows has to have our meetings, social events, and provide opportunities for outreach and advocacy.

We also welcomed five new first time attendees and our plans for the March 23 chapter meeting focusing on emergency preparedness – a hot topic with our chapter members to learn more about. And…expect a surprise for our meeting!

A very active and engaging discussion!

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