Chapter Presentation Recap: DOR General Services

Department of RehabilitationOn February 27, HLAA-Los Angeles Chapter hosted a presentation on the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) General Services on Zoom. This presentation was led by Ruben Valido, who is a staff services manager and has been working at the CA Department of Rehabilitation since 2007.

Ruben first introduced the audience to the purpose or mission of the DOR and the eligibility for its services. He went on to explain the application process to become a DOR consumer, if eligible. His presentation, however, was focused on the multiple services DOR offers to its consumers for them to be equipped with the necessary tools to acquire jobs and be independent. Ruben gave examples of how the service is customized to each person and thus ensuring a greater chance for success.

Ruben’s presentation was hosted by Georgia Fleischer and Sharon Swerdlow who are both members of the HLAA-LA steering committee. They opened and closed the presentation and led the interactive Q & A discussion. A number of thoughtful questions from the participants were addressed.

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