April Meeting Recap

Wendi providing an overview of Walk4Hearing.

Wendi providing an overview of Walk4Hearing.

We had quite a April meeting covering a wide array of topics and discussion points. You can view our meeting transcript here.

Our very own Florence started the meeting off with discussing her experiences and journey getting the USC Pacific Asia Museum accessible for the hard-of-hearing and deaf communities. Her journey presented many surprises but some disappointments in terms of her advocacy efforts but it is the realty we face in today’s world with misconceptions with our needs.

Florence’s discussion and challenges led into our rap session focusing on challenges we face in the hearing world advocating for ourselves. Many people from the chapter shared their experiences and advice with the goal of helping each other manage our daily hearing challenges. And don’t forget to make sure your t-coil is activated! It’s a very common misunderstanding that many people don’t know that hearing aids have an option to have a t-coil installed (if not already) and used in areas that offer enhanced sound systems, such as a loop or phone landline.

Chapter News


Wendi spent a few minutes discussing the upcoming walk including how to join, fundraising advice, and volunteer opportunities. A separate article will be posted on the website summarizing all the questions you may have so keep a lookout for that. But please do mark on your calendar Saturday, June 8 to join us. Anyone can come and you don’t have to fundraise to join the walk so let’s see you out there!

Note: Click the Walk4Hearing ad on the right side of the page to be taken directly to the chapter’s “LA Stars” page. You can join right from there!

AB 598 Bill Passes

The AB 598 bill passed which provides hearing aid financial coverage for minors. Nine of of ten minors are not covered under their parents insurance plan to provide financial help to buy hearing aids. Critical development happens at a very early age so while steps have been taken to inform parents right after birth of hearing issues with their child, no further financial help is usually available. This bill will address that issue.

Latest status:

AB598 was heard on May 8th in the Appropriations Committee.
You can still call and/or fax the Committee Members TODAY.
There’s no time for letters or postcards.  Call!!!

  • Focus:  long-term cost savings to the State of California
  • Estimate:   Special Education services and support of underproductive adults is $1M over a lifetime.

Two years ago, this legislation did NOT make it out of the Appropriations Committee.  The LetCAKidsHear website has scripts for calls and letters.

Here’s the list of all Committee members. https://apro.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff

Memorial Weekend Party!

Our Memorial party will be at Jacqui’s home. Further information and rsvp information were provided on our social channels and by email. If you didn’t hear from us or have questions, you can always email us at info@hlaa-la.org. Party will be held on Sunday, May 26 from 12:00pm – 4:00pm. Chapter will provide fried chicken, sandwiches, and water. Parking is very limited so caravans might be needed and carpool if you can!

Request for your help

Tim spoke briefly to the chapter about forming a rap session discussion to help him gather helpful tips, ideas, information, and advice for a cruise and travel related project at his work. As you may or may not know, Tim works for a few cruise companies and got a unique opportunity to discuss challenges for the hearing challenged community to his company’s accessibility manger. This person has been very involved with this work for nearly 40 years and was even appointed by George Bush twice in the 2000’s to serve on ADA and accessibility rights advisory boards! Tim will be becoming more involved with his company as they would like him to take the ideas from all of you to integrate into their current ship programs, future ship builds, and improving their workplace. More information is coming but please email us if you would like to participate.

See you all at the Memorial party! But if not, we’ll see you for the next chapter meeting on Saturday, June 22.