Hearing Aids / Visiting An Audiologist

Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. Before purchasing a hearing aid, we recommend you do your research. The links below will provide you with useful information on hearing aids and how to prepare for your visit with an audiologist or other hearing healthcare provider.

Useful Information about Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Association of America – Hearing Aids

FAQs for Hearing Aids, by Janice S. Lintz, Hearing Access Consultant and Consumer Advocate.

Mayo Clinic – Hearing Aids: How to choose the right one

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders – Hearing Aid Fact Sheet. This brochure contains good information on different types of hearing aids, questions to ask before purchasing a hearing aid, and taking care of your hearing aids.

Hearing Tracker: A nationwide directory of hearing aid providers (audiologists and hearing instrument specialists) and resource for consumers wishing to read consumer reviews about hearing aid providers and hearing aid devices

Preparing for Your Audiologist Visit

Purchasing a Hearing Aid Consumer Checklist

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association-Talking With Your Audiologist

Hearing Like Me – blog post by Eilen Parfitt. Get a first-hand account of visiting an audiologist for the first time.