HLAA 2017 Convention – Opening Day!

It’s the official opening day of the convention so crowds of people will be coming!

(our very own Tim Browning chronicles his continuing journey at the HLAA 2017 Convention. Here’s his recap.)

After a good breakfast, I naturally make the mistake of trekking all the way over to the convention center from the hotel during toasty morning temperatures  instead of the train. I get there nice and hot so I try to cool myself off via any means I could.

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HLAA 2017 Convention – Getting An Early Start

(our very own Tim Browning joined in the HLAA 2017 Convention festivities a day early. Here’s his recap)

HLAA 2017 ConventionAfter an uneventful early flight from Burbank to Salt Lake City, which is a very good thing, I arrived at the airport. Luggage was waiting and had an easy walk over to the Light Rail Green Line that would journey me on a 20 minute scenic ride through downtown Salt Lake to my Little America Hotel. The city is clean and pretty so it was an enjoyable ride and all for $2.50! The only downside was it was a toasty 95 degrees out but my deodorant held up (I think).

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