Our Steering Committee

The Steering Committee Members are elected by the chapter members.  They are required to be members of HLAA National and typically serve a 2-year term but it can vary.
Among the shared responsibilities of the SC is the planning and leading of the monthly meetings, planning events and finding new and inventive ways for outreach.

The SC is responsible for using our resources (the membership and funds) to further our mission — to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss — through advocacy, education, information and support.

Steering Committee members come from every background and experience.  Members have various levels of hearing loss or no loss at all, and share the desire to “pay it forward”.

Here are our current Steering Committee members and a little bit about themselves:

Heather Lehr - President

I have only been a member of HLAA-Los Angeles for a short time (Sept 2016), so I am especially honored to be the President of this hard-working, fun group. I started losing my hearing when I was in my early 20s, and now am profoundly deaf. I hope to soon get a cochlear implant, but now I just stumble along with two very powerful hearing aids. As a former television producer with hearing loss, I spent half my career “faking it” and doing whatever I could to keep my work life going despite debilitating disability. I was so happy to find HLAA and meet like-minded people who were interested in SOLVING our issues, not just complaining about them. I have never had more fun nor been more rewarded than while working with these amazing people.
Jennifer Nelson, Vice-President

Jennifer Nelson, Vice-President

Since 2014 I have been a member of HLAA-Los Angeles and am honored to now serve as VP of the Steering Committee. Finding HLAA brought me together with like-minded people who were interested in working for a common goal, be it in advocacy, finding the newest trends in technology, or just overall support of one other. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Commission on Disability, advocating for more initiatives for the hard of hearing community in Los Angeles. When I’m not out championing our cause, I’m writing, reading, or hanging with my husband and our saved-from-the-pound pup, Clancy.
Tim Browning, Secretary and Webmaster

Tim Browning, Secretary and Webmaster

I have been a member of HLAA-LA since August 2014 looking for people who have similar stories to mine regarding hearing loss and challenges. I was born with hearing less, moderate to severe, so the years growing up were challenging and set some assumptions in my mind regarding who I thought I was and my worth. Through this chapter, I got more than I could imagine. Not just to hear the support and talking to people who “get it”, but just the profoundly wonderful individuals I’ve meet. We are known as the “Party Group” after all! In my spare time I enjoy fitness, movies, making breakfast dishes and smoothies and spending quality time with family, friends and my wife.

Diane Gross, Social Media Chair

HLAA and I have been partners since the San Fernando Valley chapter was formed in 1981; we’ve grown up together! This organization has enhanced my life in more ways than I can mention. Over the years, I’ve served in a variety of roles at the local, state and national level, putting my journalism and library assistant training to good use. My progressive hearing loss is from a genetic condition called Usher Syndrome, which also contributes to a vision loss from retinitis pigmentosa. I’ve had bilateral Cochlear Americas implants since 2006 and 2008; another way my life has been enhanced due to my involvement with HLAA. Outside of this chapter, I spend time knitting; reading; and hanging out with family and friends, in person and online.
Teri Breier, Membership & Outreach

Teri Breier, Membership & Outreach Chair

After decades of feeling isolated, I discovered HLAA in 2015—then was promptly elected VP of the Santa Monica chapter, where I served until it closed in 2017. A third-generation L.A. native, I inherited a progressive condition called sensorineural otosclerosis and have worn bilateral hearing aids since college. When friends who are now struggling with hearing loss ask for support, I encourage them to be tested, get hearing aids, and join HLAA! I work as an independent marketing copywriter; in my spare time, I enjoy volunteering, meditating, traveling, cuddling with my cat, Luke, and contributing articles to the HLAA Californian newsletter.