Virtual LA Chapter Meeting, Saturday May 16!

We miss you and hope you and your loved ones are safe and in good health.

As we try to navigate our world(s) during this unprecedented and extraordinarily difficult time, we have the added burden of trying to hear and understand family members, grocery store employees, health care workers and others through their face masks, without the ability to read lips as well as having to contend with strange and muffled sounds that emanate through the speaker’s masks.

We want to hear how everyone is doing and offer the opportunity to share your challenges AND triumphs during this period. We hope you can join us for this virtual meeting – as we can’t be together to share snacks, feel free to have your own nearby (just don’t chew and talk at the same time!). Allow yourself to sleep in since there will be no commute to our new meeting locale AND we will be meeting an hour later than our “usual” time.

Zoom meeting details to be provided at a later date – we hope you can make it!

Important information

This will be our first time doing a Zoom meeting so expect some some “interesting” moments as we catch our barrings. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we learn and help set the stage for great meetings in the future.

Zoom: Use a computer. If possible, attend the meeting on a computer rather than via a smart phone or iPad. This will give you the best layout to view the captions as well as other meeting features.

Meetings are captioned. How to See Closed Captions in ZOOM
We look forward to “seeing” you all on Saturday, May 16 at 11 a.m.! If you have further questions, please email us.