Discover how to Succeed in the Workplace with Hearing Loss

Join our next online chapter presentation!

When: Saturday, July 27
Time: 10-11:30 a.m. PT
Place: On Zoom
Topic: Advocating and succeeding in the workplace with hearing loss plus learning more about the HLAA annual convention.

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You are invited to an insightful and informative online session with Pat Dobbs, a highly experienced and knowledgeable resource for understanding the impact of hearing loss on workplace communication, relationships, and trust. Pat has helped countless individuals and companies identify best practices to be more inclusive of colleagues with hearing loss and how to be more effective allies.

This should be an excellent opportunity for you and people you know impacted in the workplace by hearing loss to get the help you need to advocate for yourself. Don’t forget to forward this email to people you know who could benefit!

You will hear from attendees, see pictures and be treated to a special performance. Don’t miss this great recap of the HLAA 2024 convention!


Pat Dobbs

Pat Dobbs has an adult-onset hearing loss and today wears bilateral cochlear implants. For the majority of her life she jokingly referred to herself as a “professional bluffer”  – meaning she kept her hearing loss in the closet.

Now she openly talks about it and started two HLAA chapters, one in NJ and the other in Maine and is president of the international online support organization

Today her passion is to bring awareness of hearing loss to the workplace through She does this through presentations, workshops and coaching.