September 2015 Meeting

Hi Friends:

Please consider running for the Steering Committee. It is not hard or tons of work to participate. You would not be overwhelmed. The rest of us are always here to help if you have questions or concerns! We’d love to be able to work with new people and get a new perspective on SC issues.

BTW—this same thought applies for everyone who is part of our group, please share any thoughts of ideas. You are all what keeps us fresh and vibrant after 12 years! We always want to hear from YOU, and there are many ways to help.

The next meeting will be devoted to our farewell to our friend Alan Klink and the election. Both are very important and we hope to see many of you on Sept. 26th.

We welcome your shared memories of Alan. He was a great friend and we will miss him.

Remember to think of running or nominating someone for the SC (please get their ok first!).

As always, we meet at the Hear Center, 301 E. Del Mar Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101. Please use the side door towards the back of the parking lot. We start with treats and greetings at 9:30 and the regular meeting is from 10-12.

Please bring a treat to have and to share. Coffee and juice are provided, but please pitch in and bring something for a tasty breakfast. We all love to eat! If you run out of time, there is also a kitty jar for donations.

Some reminders:
  • Think of inviting someone new to the meeting OR reaching out to an existing member who has been away for a while. Also, remember that your loved ones are always welcome.
  • We appreciate your help in keeping the Hear Center in pristine condition. We are welcome in the kitchen area, conference room and bathrooms. The rest of the building needs to be kept clear. Thank you for helping to set up in the morning and/or clean up after the meeting!!! We need your help.

Thank you all! I will be posting reminders. Questions? Thoughts? Post here!