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Embracing the Journey: Conquering Hearing Loss with a Growth Mindset

When: Saturday, May 25
Time: 10-11 a.m.
Place: On Zoom


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Please join us for a transformative online presentation “Embracing the Journey: Conquering Hearing Loss with a Growth Mindset.” with Dr. Latisha Porter-Vaughn. This Zoom meeting will be an avenue to explore the challenges and triumphs associated with hearing loss. We all know the struggles and challenges faced with hearing loss. Dr. Porter-Vaughn will share how you can learn to build a growth mindset leading to mastery over such challenges.

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Latisha Porter-Vaughn

Dr. Latisha Porter-Vaughn, hailing originally from Hamilton, Ohio, has called New Jersey home since 1986. Diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss at the age of 19 while residing in New Jersey, she has devoted her professional journey to advocacy and education.

With a steadfast career spanning 32 years as a Paralegal at Seton Hall Law School University, Dr. Porter-Vaughn’s commitment extends beyond the legal realm. She previously served as a research associate with the National Deaf Center and recently achieved her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Arizona Global Campus. Her published work focuses on the work readiness and preparation of deaf and hard-of-hearing college students.

As a seasoned author, Dr. Porter-Vaughn has enriched the literary landscape with impactful works. In addition to “How We Hear: A Story of A HearStrong Champion Persisting Against All Odds” and the invaluable self-help guide, “How We Hear: A Useful Guide to Help the Hearing Understand Hearing Loss,” she has recently released “Whispered Journeys: Spoken Softly but Loudly Understood.”

A 2019 graduate of the Gallaudet University Certified Peer Mentor Program, she serves as a Snapshop Deaf Mentor for SPAN Parenting Network. Notably, Dr. Porter-Vaughn holds the distinction of being the first African American President-Elect of the Hearing Loss Association of America – New Jersey State Association. She also served as the former president and co-founder of the Hearing Loss Association of America – Essex County Chapter. At the helm of the HLAA-New Jersey State Association Scholarship Program, she actively contributes to fostering educational opportunities.