A Joyous Holiday Party!

Ho ho ho!!! What a HLAA holiday party it was! A chance to catch up with old friends, celebrate the holidays, hand out some awards and do our annual White Elephant gift exchange. Most of all, it was a chance for all of us to meet and greet each other in supporting each other through valuable friendships. Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery below and thanks to Georgia for all the pictures. I think she took roughly 5,000 pictures. Don’t forget to check out more on our Facebook groups page managed so well by our own Diane

We were missing a lot of people this time around, due primarily to that darn flu bug! But nothing like having Grace save the day by opening her huge Pasadena home to us to marvel and get lost. Yours truly found himself ending up right where he started many times!

Many folks started showing up a little early to help get the food set, chairs out and get the fun beginning. There was plenty of food to go around and while I couldn’t exactly tell what kind of food was what, I personally enjoyed everything. And plenty of good alcohol to go around as well to liven up any party!

After everyone regretted eating too much, we start off with some year-end WOW! awards to notable chapter members for their outstanding support, advocacy and truly representing what HLAA is all about. Our President Heather handed out the awards to Michael, Wendi, Florence, Judy and amazing Grace! Way to go everyone!

Next, “Kitty Jar Gary” demanded money from people for our Kitty jar…well, just kidding! It was a friendly reminder to help out. Next, well, our Santa Claus Danny wasn’t there but Melodie’s husband, Mark, did a fine job filling in for our white elephant festivities. Plenty of interesting and fun gifts. Some gifts were stolen but no fights broke out so all was calm.

The evening drew to a close so as everyone pitched in to help clean up, we said our goodbyes wishing all a very happy holiday season and a wonderful, safe and healthy year ahead. 2018 should be quite a year for HLAA and our nearby chapters so you will not want to miss it!

Random shots from the party!
WOW! Awards
White Elephant Craziness!