Californian Newsletter Survey

Do you read the HLAA Californian newsletter? It’s published quarterly by the HLAA-California Board of Trustees and is mailed to all members of HLAA, plus audiologists throughout the state. The newsletter can also be viewed on the state website,

The BOT is looking for responses to these questions, which will help determine the direction of the Californian. Responses can be sent to BOT President Zina Jawadi, prior to the BOT meeting on March 24.

1. How important is it for you and your chapter members to receive the paper version of The Hearing Loss Californian newsletter?

2. How many of the articles in the latest issue did you read?

3. Which articles were helpful or provided you with new information?

4. Would your chapter be willing to donate funds in order for members to continue receiving paper newsletters?

5. The Hearing Loss Californian Newsletter paper version is currently mailed to all HLAA members and also to audiologists and many other subscribers who are not HLAA members.  What do you think is the benefit in mailing to readers who are not members of HLAA?

6. The newsletter includes a Resources section at the end.  Do you and your chapter members find this section useful? 

7. Would chapter members be willing to help us compile a more comprehensive Resources listing which we would maintain on the website? 

8. What do you think of the idea of replacing the Resources section with a link to the HLAA-CA website Resources page?