We Are Moving to Sherman Oaks Starting March 24!

Sherman Oaks Library

It’s rare that our chapter moves to a new location. As a matter of fact, this move to the Sherman Oaks Library for our March meeting will only be the second time since the founding of the chapter over 13 years ago! But times change and our chapter needs to adapt. The Huntington Hospital served our needs and we thank them, but there were challenges, as many of you know, with the location. We hope you’ll find this new location to your liking.

The proposed move was presented in our February meeting and voted in overwhelming favor by those in attendance as an exciting opportunity. You can find location information here on our website but feel free to use the Contact Us form or our Yahoo Groups HLAA forum to ask further questions and spread the word.

We hope to see you at our March 24 meeting at the new location. As with any new location, we’ll do our best to ensure that everything is set up and working, but it may take a few meetings to have a process fully in place. Please bear with us!