First Chapter Meeting of 2018 – Don’t Miss It!!!

It’s the new year and time to get into action toward a great year ahead with our chapter! Plus, time to catch up with friends and hopefully introduce some new folks. We have a great meeting lined up to start the year as Dr. Ray Goldsworthy will provide an in-depth discussion about Cochlear Implants (CI) and optimizing how they are used. Whether you have a CI or not, this should be an informational and rewarding meeting to attend. Please see below for further information plus our meeting information and location. See you there!

Title: Improving Signal Processing for Cochlear Implants

Abstract: A cochlear implant is a biomedical device that restores a degree of hearing to deafened individuals. Cochlear implant technology has evolved to the point that the majority of recipients typically understand speech in quiet environments; consequently, scientific emphasis is increasingly placed on the more challenging problems of speech reception in background noise and of music appreciation. Dr. Goldsworthy will describe approaches that he has taken towards improving cochlear implant signal processing including multiple-microphone spatial filtering, encoding temporal fine structure, and auditory modeling of healthy hearing. Each of these approaches has demonstrated potential for improving hearing for cochlear implant users.

Bio: Dr. Ray Goldsworthy received his B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Kentucky in 1997. He received his Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology through a joint program between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005. From 2005 until 2014, Ray led projects at Sensimetrics Corporation to develop signal processing solutions for cochlear implants and hearing aids. In 2015, Ray joined the faculty of the University of Southern California in the Department of Otolaryngology where he continues to explore the interplay of signal processing, rehabilitation, and the fundamentals of auditory perception.

Meeting Details

Our meetings take place East Room of the Wingate Building at the Huntington Memorial Hospital, 100 W. California Ave, Pasadena.

Click here for a map of where to park and follow the directions to help you get to the East Room.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot or do not wish to walk up or down steps, here are two alternate routes to get to the entrance of the Wingate Building:

1. Use the valet parking at the main entrance of the hospital on California Blvd. Walk through the main hospital building, down the ADA accessible ramp into the courtyard, and enter the Wingate Building.

2. Park in the East Parking Structure. Walk across the street and enter the emergency room doors to your right at the bottom of the stairs. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor, which will let you off near the hospital’s main entrance. Take the ADA accessible ramp into the courtyard, and enter the Wingate Building.

As always, the meeting will be looped and captioned.

When: 10 am-12 noon, January 27, 2018. Doors open at 9:30 am so come early to meet and greet!

Where: Huntington Memorial Hospital, East Room, Wingate Building, Pasadena, CA 91105.