July Chapter Meeting – It’s Been Awhile!

With the Convention, March for Science and holiday chapter parties, we haven’t had an actual Chapter meeting since March! Needless to say, we had to shake the rust off a bit to remember just everything that needed to get done for the meeting!

Note: Click here for the meeting transcript.

It was a long time coming for this meeting. We started off with a heartfelt welcoming of our new President, Heather Lehr with lots of hugs and a cake to celebrate. Heather spoke a few words before continuing on with some chapter business.

Tim shared some of his experience at the HLAA 2017 Convention and spoke about the HLAA Board of Trustees meeting. He tried his best to avoid yawns and people dozing off by explaining the various topics the board discusses. Barbara Kelley, Executive Director for HLAA, was the primary speaker of the Trustees meeting recapping what her team does back in Bethesda, Maryland. Overview was given toward key initiatives, including OTC hearing aids bill and the various committees that comprises HLAA. Liz joined in to talk about her experiences at the Convention and a neat gadget she showed us that has an audio and visual alarm for taking your drugs…or pills that is. Convention next year will be in Minneapolis toward later June so make sure you come if you haven’t experienced the Convention already!

Angel Sound

Lisa presenting Angel Sound with Ken recording her (little pressure there Lisa?)

Second half of the meeting was Lisa providing an interesting overview of Angel Sound, an auditory training and hearing assessment program. The program helps you to independently build a training program and monitor your progression to progressively improve your hearing skills and endurance. Lisa noted that it does require discipline and time to truly learn and take advantage of the program but it’s worth it. We all know everyday challenges of hearing loss includes fatigue and frustration from missing sounds and words. This program can definitely reduce that from happening and improve your hearing quality of life. Check it out!

Jennifer, our VP, ran the meeting agenda and closed out with some final comments. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and everyone hurried over to see Tim…because he had the parking passes. And onward we go until our next meeting on August 26. Mark it on your calendar and make sure to join us!