February 25th Chapter Meeting – “Spring Forward”

The theme of our February meeting is “Spring Forward,” as we celebrate our chapter’s growth and renewal. We will start things off with round-the-room introductions, which will give us a chance to briefly share about ourselves and hear each others’ stories. We will then discuss what’s in store for our chapter – future plans, fun times, and fresh leadership. We want to hear what you have to share! Please join us for what will be a lively and invigorating meeting.

A reminder! We now meet in the East Room of the Wingate Building at the Huntington Memorial Hospital, 100 W. California Ave, Pasadena.

Click here for a map and follow these directions to help you get to the East Room:

1. Enter Huntington Hospital on Fairmont Ave from W. California Blvd. or Bellefontaine St. or on Congress St. from S. Fair Oaks Ave. 

2. Follow signs to the East Parking Structure, where you will park.

3. Take your parking ticket with you.

4. Walk across the street. Do not take the bridge.

5. Look for our 8.5”x11” yellow signs to direct you to the entrance of the Wingate Building. Sign in with the receptionist to receive your I.D. badge.

6. Proceed to the East Room on the first  floor.

As always, the meeting will be looped and captioned.

When: 10 am-12 noon, February 25, 2017. Doors open at 9:30 am.

Where: Huntington Memorial Hospital, East Room, Wingate Building, Pasadena, CA 91105.

Click here for upcoming meeting schedule!