A Joyous 2016 Holiday Party!

It was a happening holiday party filled with fun, laughter and much needed catching up with friends we just don’t get to see enough of. As usual, Danny was our White Elephant host providing laughter and interesting insights to the various gifts received. Even without a loop! Any many thanks to Heather Lehr for opening up her wonderful home to the vast array of foods and invasion of numerous people. As far as we can tell, everyone was recognizable so no party crashers!

Most of all, it was a time to get away from the hassles and stress the holidays can sometimes provide and instead, just focus on catching up with old friends, getting some laughs in and ensuring your calorie intake is sufficient to ponder later in the evening why you just never learn! It was also wonderful to see people from our Orange and Santa Monica chapters come to the party to make the celebration even that much more worthwhile.

As of this writing, there were no reports on the news of mayhem from the party and it appears Heather’s house was getting back to normal after the people invasion. Thanks to all that were able to make it and those who couldn’t, you were missed! To help recap the party, please check out the photo gallery taken during the party.

On behalf of all the chapters, we thank you all for your ongoing support and wish you all a very peaceful, happy and joyous holiday season. We’ll see you in our new home on January 28, 2017!!!