New Meeting Location for 2017!

After 12 years, we are excited to announce that we are relocating our meetings!

Starting January 2017, we will hold our meetings in the East Room of the Wingate Building at Huntington Memorial Hospital. (Click here to find directions to the hospital.)

Huntington Memorial Hospital is located at 100 W. California Ave, Pasadena. The new space is larger, so is ideally suited to our expanding membership.

Click here for a map and follow these directions to help you get to the East Room:

1. Enter the hospital on either Fairmont Ave. from W. California Blvd. or Bellefontaine St. or on Congress St. from S. Fair Oaks Ave. 

2. Follow signs to the East Parking Structure, where you will park.

3. Take your parking ticket with you.

4. Walk across the street. Do not take the bridge.

5. Look for our 8.5”x11” yellow signs to direct you to the entrance of the Wingate Building. Sign in with the receptionist to receive your I.D. badge.

6. Proceed to the East Room on the first  floor.

As with anything new, the first time is always the hardest, but we are confident that within a very short time, HMH and the East Room will feel like home to HLAA-LA.  The move gives us new opportunities to grow our membership and partner with HMH to do outreach into the community.

Once again…mark your calendars for the first meeting at HUNTINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL on January 28, 2017!