Did you know the State of CA offers free specialized phones?

The California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) provides free specialized telephone equipment and services to Californians who may have difficulty using the telephone due to hearing loss and/or other conditions. CTAP, a program of the California Public Utilities Commission Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program, make it easier for individuals to connect with friends and family, conduct business and access medical and safety services.

There is no age or income limit to receive free specialized telephone equipment through CTAP.  However, to be eligible, you must meet live in California, have telephone service, and be certified as having one or more of the following impairments:

  • Difficulty Seeing
  • Difficulty Moving
  • Difficulty Speaking
  • Difficulty Hearing
  • Difficulty Learning or Remembering

To apply, you can visit the online Application page, contact a Call Center, or go to any of the thirteen CTAP Service Center Locations.

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